Network Radios

Do you have a small business or group that require radio communications but don't want to spend thousands of dollars on complicated radio equipment?

Network Radios may be the answer for you!

Ideal for snow removal companies, transportation and delivery companies, private security, construction sites and anyone else who needs 2-way professional radio communications with unlimited range.

What are Network Radios?

Network Radios are 2G/3G/4G android based smartphones that look and feel like traditional mobile and handheld radios. Commonly known as Push-to-talk Over Cellular (POC), Voice Over IP (VOIP) or Radio Over IP (ROIP) devices.

What is their range of operation?

Unlimited - Yes, that's right! Wherever you have an internet connection your Network Radio will work.

How do they work?

Network Radios work with cellular data, WiFi, Mobile Hotspots, tethering or even a satellite hotspot.

Does each radio require a SIM Card?

If no WiFi, Mobile Hotspot, Tethering or even a Satellite Hotspot is available, each radio must have a SIM card and a data plan on a cellular network. A monthly data plan with up to 500 MB would be more than enough for the average user. Below is a list of PEI Cellular Providers and their monthly data only (tablet) plans within this range sorted by lowest price.


  • Up to 3 GB = $15


  • Up to 500 MB = $20


  • Up to 2GB = $20


  • Up to 500 MB = $25


  • Up to 1 GB = $25

Why Network Radios?

  • No license needed to own/operate
  • No frequencies/talkgroups to license
  • You own the equipment
  • Unlimited range
  • Crystal clear reception
  • No more worrying about poor reception such as static or interference, dropped transmissions and limited range!

Interested? Want to know more?

Contact us for a quote and see what packages are available to meet you needs.