PEI Live Scanner Audio Feeds

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Rural Volunteer Fire Dispatch

Monitoring PICS talkgroups for Fire Operations and Mutual Aid.

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RVF-DISP (48505)

MFR-WEST (48410)

MFR-SSID (48411)

MFR-CHTN (48412)

MFR-EAST (48413)

RVF-WEST (48504)

RVF-CENT (48503)

RVF-EAST (48502)

EMO-OPS (48300)

EMS-TIR (48401)


PE MA 1 (48001)

PE MA 2 (48002)

PE MA 3 (48003)

PE MA 4 (48004)

PE MA 5 (48005)

PE MA 6 (48006)

PE MA 7 (48007)

PE MA 8 (48008)

COMMON 1 (509)

COMMON 2 (510)


DNR-CENT (48440)

DNR-EAST (48441)

DNR-WEST (48442)



TIR-WEST (48080)

TIR-CENT (48081)

TIR-EAST (48082)

PEI Stormwatch Network

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  • Weather warnings, watches and statements issued by Environment Canada
  • TIR advisories (Road conditions, closures, plows, ect.)
  • School cancellations and delays for the Public Schools Branch and the French Language School Board
  • Post-secondary education cancellations and delays
  • Maritime Electric power outages
  • Public safety advisories
  • PEI Government cancellations and delays

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